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With this cuttable vegetable set made of robust wood, children can play in an especially realistic way in their play kitchens. The vegetable set is comprised of an assortment of common vegetables that children will recognise. Incl. cutting board, wooden knife, and reusable packaging that can also be used as a storage box.

The upper portion of the cutting board can be written on with chalk! It's crucial to learn how to cut properly – and with this toy food set, practising daily skills is lots of fun! It's got a pepper, mushroom, tomato, cucumber, and carrot – this set has everything! The natural appearance of the toy food held together by hook-and-loop pieces and adorned with plenty of details makes role play in the children's play kitchen and play store especially realistic.

Plus: The packaging teaches children about sustainable use of resources in a fun way because it's not just thrown out; it's repurposed! In line with the global mega-trend: reduce, reuse, and recycle! And another plus: the cutting board can be easily hung up with the opening.

Cuttable Vegetable Set

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