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If you love music, you will love those amazing French music boxes! Mellipou's brand will put the whole family to sleep, thanks to the funny and modern lullabies. Designed in a shape of a cushion, a cloud or a star, they are handmade in France, 100% machine washable and eco friendly !


Buying Mellipou's brand is a guaranty of easy dreams. When Marie VALTON, the creator, was about to become a mom, she was desperately looking for a music box to put her baby to sleep.

But she couldn't fine the one, so she made one herself: a cloud shaped music box with a modern lullaby …

It was daring but the success was here: finally a music box that pampers the ears of the parents! Press was racing, the shops wanted this revolutionary music box and the customers fell totally in love.  Original lullabies: « Game of Thrones » OST « Harry Potter » OST « Someone like you » by Adele « I just called to say I love you » by Stevie Wonder « Light my fire » by The Doors « Dirty Dancing »

It is in the Parisian showroom that Marie designs the music boxes! France is endowed with an exceptional craftsmanship and we value it. Our materials are French or otherwise European origin. Our fabrics are all Oeko-Tex certified, so no worries to have for your baby's safety.

Music Box Cloud

  • Mini music box for baby with modern lullaby. Machine washable at 30°C. The most popular item of the Mellipou's range.

    Made in France

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