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Scandinavian design will move into the children's play kitchen with this modern coffee and tea serving set! The comprehensive play set for two people includes cups, plates, coffee spoons, a sugar bowl, milk jug, and lots of toy food such as coffee cream, a tea bag, blueberries, muffins, and drink discs made of wood.

The integrated magnet function encourages active role play, as does the lovingly designed tray on which all of the yummy treats can fit. With this robust coffee and tea accessories set for the play kitchen, clear shapes and soft edges meet modern colours such as smoky blue, a deep dark red, and blackberry.

The fancy handles on the cup and milk jug are coloured gold. The high amount of visible wood material rounds out this modern look. The cream and blueberries can be set on top of the muffin via the magnets or mixed into a drink. The lids of the milk jug and sugar bowl are removable. 

Coffee and tea set

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