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Cavities don't have a chance! Equipped with a toy syringe, a drill, a toothbrush, a set of removable teeth, toothpaste, and forceps make sure that this wooden dentist's kit isn't missing a thing. The two grey teeth teach kids how important oral hygiene is! With the thermometer, clipboard, salve, tweezers, and tablets, this set is also great as a play doctor's kit.

The stable case and all the medical instruments make an impression with lots of naturally treated wood and child-friendly designs. Perfect for role-playing and for preparing kids for their first visit to the dentist or doctor because there's everything in this play set that one needs for active role-playing the handling of patients! Slipping into the role of a doctor and caring for patients awakens creativity while strengthening children's self-confidence.

All accessories fit inside the spacious wooden case. With this play set, the dentist's or doctor's practise at home can be opened!

Dentist Kit

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