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Robin is a 5-panel winter cap made of corduroy with an extra warm plush lining. It comes in 4 different sizes for babies and kids up to 8 years. Please check our sizing information for details.

The oregon model features the signature soft-visor and our snake-logo on the front. The cap has ear flaps and can be tied with a ribbon.

– made of premium german corduroy (industrial overproduction)
– lining in organic cotton plush (made in Italy)
– ear flaps with ribbon
– soft-visor
– from 6 M to 8 Y
– handmade in Germany

NKITH Robin Oregon

  • As we all know all kids are different. And as diverse our kids are, as diverse are their heads. So as we found out, there is no fixed size for a certain age – small kids have small heads, large kids have large heads, whatever age they are.

    So please measure your kids head and take the right size based on the head circumference. The ages we put to the sizes are just an educated guess and are not reliable.

    How to measure your kids head?

    Take a measuring tape and measure from the middle of the forehead horizontally around the head. Quick check: if the tape is just above the ears you are doing well 

    If you don’t have a measuring tape at hand you can also use any cord you find. Just use it like a tape and measure the length that it took to go around the head afterwards with a ruler.

    Winter caps

    Robin baby small

    Head circumference: 43 – 46 cm
    Age: ca. 6 – 12 months

    Robin baby large

    Head circumference: 46 – 49 cm
    Age: ca. 12 – 24 months

    Robin kids small

    Head circumference: 49 – 52 cm
    Age: ca. 2 – 4 years

    Robin kids large

    Head circumference: 52 – 55 cm
    Age: ca. 4 – 8 years

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