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About this product

Composition: 100% muslin (100% natural cotton fibres)

Dimension: 78cm x 48cm at the widest point (+/-2cm)

Sleeping bag dedicated for children from 4 to 12 months of age The cut of the sleeping bag is perfectly adapted to babies from every angle. It has two forms of fastening, press studs at the shoulders and under the armholes thanks to which we can adjust the size to the baby and put it on the child without pulling it over the head.

The whole is fastened with a zipper, which allows you to comfortably change the child without having to remove the whole thing. The sleeping bag has no additional insulation.

The value in tog is 0.5. It is intended for use in the summer at a room temperature of 22-24 ° c. the fabric pattern is their own design. the product was entirely designed and made in poland.

Summer sleeping bags

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